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Click on your corresponding share. This will bring you to a new window where you will select your items. If the window does not open, check to make sure pop-ups are not blocked.

New items are posted between FRIDAY (sometimes later, up to Sunday) before the following weeks delivery. Window closes 9PM  on the day before delivery.

After you submit your order it will open a new screen and say "Your response has been recorded" If you DO NOT see this message your order has NOT gone through.

Remember: We are farmers! Not computer programers so please bear with us if there are any malfunctions.. Ordering works best on a Computer or laptop. 

If you have trouble with the order here is what we suggest:

Try twice before assuming it isn't working correctly. 
If that does not work, send us an EMAIL with the problem/order. 



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Farm Share Forms

Going on vacation? Going to be away? Use the link below to let us know. 

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