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Our Mission: To produce high quality, affordable organic vegetables!

Farmer Kev’s Organic was founded in 2009. We started with just one acre of vegetables in Winthrop, Maine. During the first year of peddling produce at the Winthrop Farmers’ Market we had established our mission: To grow Organic vegetables that are affordable for all Mainers!

From then on we understood to keep our vegetables more affordable,  we would have to scale up. After six years of continuous growth, we are now up to 20 acres of cultivated land. Until the fall of 2015 we did not have land of our own.  This meant that we would lease land to grow our vegetables and transport the them to a central location.  From there we would process and pack the CSA farm shares and deliver for the duration of the season.

In 2015 we had the opportunity to purchase a farm of our own! We moved all operations to West Gardiner where we would be able to closely control our growing. We look to continually add acreage to our newly bought farm to keep the price of our produce down and service more customers in Maine.

With our own farm property to invest in, we aim to become a year round operation with the addition of greenhousing. We hope that you have been one of our satisfied customers or will become one as we continue with our mission. To grow Affordable, Organic vegetables for Maine People.

Kevin - Owner

In 2009, I graduated from Winthrop High School and began working with just 1 acre of land in Winthrop to produce vegetables. I would, clean, package and sell all my produce at the Winthrop Farmers' Market that summer. I had found what I loved; being outside, working with plants, getting dirty, and growing food for people that made them healthy. I entered college with my mind set on agriculture and every Summer I would return home to farm. In 2013 I would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Economics from the University of Maine in Orono. My education would supply me the knowledge on how to farm organically, sustainably and financially. After graduating I returned home to the farm I had created, to begin my official farming career under Farmer Kev’s Organic LLC.

Tabitha - Produce Manager since 2016

From the field to your table, Tabitha handles all procurement of Farm Shares from the moment vegetables are harvested to the moment they arrive at your home! After graduating from KVCC with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture Tabitha quickly joined our team. We are happy to have her around with her in depth knowledge of agriculture and her determination to make every share we deliver top quality.  



Job Description links are below.

Delivery Drivers - Positions for 2021


Field Workers 2021

Video Production Assistant - Interns 2019

Employment Application (for all positions)

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